Do patients 50 years of age or older (P), with a BMI of 30.0 or greater


You need to find an article using the CINAHL search for provided PICO topic and answer the following question for this Article. Also submit the whole article if possible or link that i can access. thank you Introduction -What is the background/significance of the clinical problem addressed in the article? -Is the problem clearly and concisely identified? -Describe the purpose of the study, if clearly identified? -What is the theoretical framework? -If appropriate to the design, are hypothesis stated? What was the research question? Review of the literature (ROL) -Is there mention of how the literature was obtained? (keywords, databases?) -How does the (ROL) support the problem? -How is the ROL organized and synthesized? Methods -What type of research design is the study (qualitative, quantitative, descriptive…)? -Is the protection of human subjects considered? How? -Are the details of the data collection clearly and logically presented? -What is the setting, sample size (if sufficient), and methods for selection/inclusion/exclusion of the participants? Are they adequately described? -Are the instrument(s) appropriate and described sufficiently in terms of content, structure, validity, and reliability? -Based on the design, what is the level of evidence of the study? (Evidence Hierarchy, textbook, pg. 408) -Were the methods/ procedures clearly stated? Could you replicate this study? PICO -Explain how do the results of the study answer/support your journal group’s PICOT question? -What did you like and do not like about the study? Reference


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