Performance Intervention Evaluation: Kirkpatrick (PIE)


Read the two articles regarding evaluation, indicated below. The first discusses Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model and proposes how it should be implemented by designers. The second looks at issues involving evaluation in general and how significant amounts of formal evaluation are not properly implemented. The topic for this paper is in the paper 2 attachment. Title: Has the new Kirkpatrick generation built a better hammer for our evaluation toolbox? Authors: Moreau, Katherine A.1,2,3, [email protected] Source: Medical Teacher; Sep2017, Vol. 39 Issue 9, p999-1001, 3p Title: Perceptions of Barriers to the Evaluation of Workplace Learning Programs. Authors: Marshall, James1, [email protected] Rossett, Allison2, [email protected] Source: Performance Improvement Quarterly; Oct2014, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p7-26, 20p After reviewing the articles, visit the following site to review Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model. Propose a plan for how Kirkpatrick’s five levels of evaluation would be applied to your proposed intervention design and implementation project. The site refers to Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation, which are the essence of the original model, but it has another level, the fifth level, which involves Return On Investment (ROI) of the training to the organization. This is mentioned on the site as well, though you will want to further research the model for more information on each of the levels. Provide an analysis of how your planned project satisfies each of the levels of the evaluation for the specific situation. Issues involving all stakeholders should be considered. In your evaluation consider how your plan related to or satisfies the political, social, cultural, learner, and technological factors impacting performance of the institution and environment. Do not summarize the theory.


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