Medical Drama


You will apply the concepts from this section to creating your own script for a medical drama. Examine the materials in this section and the two plays we have read in this course Wit and Next to Normal. Explore how drama can motivate change, provide education, and alter social perception of illness and medicine. This is a creative assignment where you must develop your own dramatic material. In your creative script, reference the materials from this section to explore how theories of drama, edutainment and role theory have shaped medicine and the publics conception of medicine. You will write a script that draws from your readings in this section and your experience with analyzing the other two plays in this course. Your narrative must have a clear structure and believable character motivation (refer to the Wit and Next to Normal assignments for details). Your play should be 5 -7 minutes when performed (or 5 – 7 pages in length when formatted in TV script formatting). Citations and references should still be formatted in APA style. Assignment Requirements: Script explores fundamental principles of dramatic storytelling; communicating a concept using dramatic structure and character motivations. Script examines health, medicine or social perception of illness as a plot points or characters central to the story; medicine as integrated with societal and cultural changes. Script includes references to readings in this section; applying drama therapy and edutainment concepts to a medical drama


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