Recommendation Report


Recommendation Report
This assignment is the culmination of the research you have completed based on the Internal Research Proposal and Progress Report. In this report, you will explain your research methods, the results of your research, and the conclusions you have drawn from these results. You will then provide a recommendation for how best to proceed.
Assignment Components: The report should contain the following sections, as explained in Technical Communication. Each section should begin on a new page: ● Letter of Transmittal ● Title Page ● Table of Contents ● List of Illustrations o You must include at least two (2) graphics in your Recommendation Report. You can reuse graphics from your Progress Report, but at least one (1) graphic should be new. ● Executive Summary ● Introduction ● Methods* ● Results* ● Conclusion(s)* ● Recommendation(s) ● Glossary (if needed) ● Works Cited (MLA or APA format)


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