Homelessness in Central Ohio


Argument for Change/Proposal Argument 1 APA format, Times New Roman size 12 Compose a proposal argument that convinces readers to take action to solve a problem or address an issue in your specific neighborhood, city, or surrounding area. The paper can draw from your point of view about a change that needs to take place in your community and/or day-to-day life. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of a problem/issue and propose a solution that you’ve researched and can support with credible evidence. You will need at least four credible sources: 2 credible journal articles from online databases (Google Scholar) 1 hard copy source (e-book, book, newspaper, digital journal, newspaper, or magazine article) 1 source of your choice 1 page Abstract page which is a summary of the paper which is 150-250 words 6 pages of the proposal argument I want the 7 page assignment written on Homelessness in Central Ohio. I have uploaded files that will assist you with the assingment.


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