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*********************************************** DQ #1 – Product Life Cycle No unread replies. No replies. Select a product you use from each of the product life cycle stages. What are the products, and how do you know what stages they’re in? Your initial post should be at least 200 word & at least one source. *********************************************** DQ #2 – Marketing “Quality” Visit the site of a large organization and explore the difference that exists within that organization as well as the connection between, “Lean”, Six Sigma, TQM, and B2B and B2C marketing. Your initial post should be at least 200 words & at least one source. *********************************************** DQ#3 – Distribution of Product Adopter Categories – the “Product Diffusion Curve” Pick a product you recently purchased. Where are you relative to the Product Diffusion Curve, and why are you in this stage of that product’s adoption? Provide the web url for product details for your product. Your initial post should be at least 150 word & at least one source. ***********************************************


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