The challenges and opportunities of implementing the Sustainable Devel


Complete a research paper on the challenges and opportunities of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals as developed by the UN (I thought about Coca-Cola). These goals ‘address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice’ The assignment involves using secondary data, industry reports and other appropriate data to identify both issues facing firms in implementing these goals, as well as the opportunities available to better adopt initiatives which align with these sustainable goals. To do so, students are required to identify an International company (my suggest is Coca-Cola ) and to analyse the industry in which this company competes and/or provides services, eg, the company could be a not-for-profit organisation. The analysis should include identification of industry competitors (if they exist). This data can be found in suitable industry reports. After identifying a suitable company, students are required to choose a minimum of 5 out of the 17 Sustainable Goals. A comprehensive analysis of the key tenets of each goal should be presented, before addressing how operations at the company level can help or assist in promoting each of the goals selected. For example, what can the company do to promote SDG 13 ‘action to combat climate change and its impacts’? The report should draw on modules previously taken including Human Resource Management, Marketing Communications, Operations Management, Organisation Theory and Practice and International Economics. The assignment should be structured in the format of a company report, with the suggested headings to include: Executive Summary (approx. 285 words) Table of Contents Profile of International Company (approx. 350 words) Analysis of Industry (approx. 350 words) Identification of SDGs (approx. 750 words) Analysis of Company Operations (Findings (utilising primary data and secondary data from reputable sources such databases and academic journals) (approx. 750 words) Identification of Challenges & Opportunities aligned with SDGs (approx. 1000 words) Recommendations (approx. 400 words) Conclusion (approx. 210 words)


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