Introduction to Sociology


The process of socialization continues throughout the entire life course of an individual. Write a 2- to 3-page paper (500 to 825 words) in APA format analyzing the way in which agents of socialization (siblings, parents, peers, and so forth) shape self-concept and identity. The paper must address the following: Explain why the process of socialization is so crucial for human beings. For example, what type of people would we become if we were not properly socialized? Which agents of socialization are the most influential in the earlier years of life, and which of these become more important later on? Why, in your opinion, do some of these agents of socialization have less importance to us as we get older? Although socialization is an extremely powerful force, many people adopt different identities as they grow older. Why are we not a complete mirror image of the most powerful agents of socialization in our lives? If socialization is as powerful as sociologists contend, how are we able to develop our own individual identities? Explain in detail.


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