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1. Do some research on recent trends in business analytics such as Google Analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on.

•Focus on one trend and discuss its relevancy to your business or any business you would like to discuss.

•Consider how these analytics tools would impact business decision making.

Doing the research on the trends in business analytics like Google, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning offer different analytic tools for business to use to be able to track things and see things a lot closer. The one analytic tool from Google has a huge impact on business on making decision.Google offers what they call a free Web analytic service which always the user to see statistics with how many people are accessing their website.In turn it always business to make decision for marketing.“The analytics industry has seen a paradigm shift in how and which analytics tools are used. We have seen the demise of the SAS monopoly, which had for long been the case, giving way to increased adoption of open source tools” (Analytics Training Blog, 2017).Keep in mind that there are a number of analytic tools that business can use to better enhance their business, so if one product doesn’t work than try a different analytic tool

2. Google Analytics (GA) is a free web-based tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic (Su, 2017). GA uses multiple lines of tracking code of your businesses website to track several important factors including how long a user stayed on the website, the most common pathway in which a user goes through the website and demographics. First, by tracking how long a user is on the website and pathways of how they got there, you can use various analyses to help identify new ways to get customers to your website.

Secondly, it will help a business determine what pages users are getting stuck on. They can then correct that error/problem to help make the customers experience more enjoyable.

Lastly, by collecting users’ demographics, it can benefit a company as well because it will help them find their target market. GA is a great tool that can truly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a business. Business that conduct business online can use GA to track a return on investment as well as optimizing their website (Kelsey 2017).

The way businesses market has changed drastically with social media marketing. This way of marketing has allowed marketers to collect data and adjust their efforts to target the right customers that are ready to buy. With so much data being collected, experts in business analytics will be crucial in helping business making decisions. The benefits of business analytic tools such as GA will soon be less of a trend and more of a norm

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