Susan B Anthony


You will select a person involved in the US suffrage movement from a provided list and research that person. You will post a short essay (600-900 words) explaining the contributions of this person to the suffrage movement. Requirements Length: 600 to 900 words Word count does not include Works Cited/References Sources: Two scholarly or journalistic sources: these can be books, academic articles, museum exhibits or documents, academic or museum blogs (no personal blogs please), newspaper articles, or diary entries. Some other sources might be acceptable. When in doubt, please ask! Make sure these sources are quoted an paraphrased in the body of your essay and include in text citations. Do not use tertiary sources toward your source minimum. These include or other biographical data sources. You may include these reference sources in your reference list in order to signal where you got basic information such as birth date or other demographic information, but they do not count toward your source minimum. If you have questions about avoiding plagiarism or forces please ask. On average, I turn in 3-5 students for plagiarism on this exact assignment every semester. I would rather take a few minutes to answer your question than spend an hour filling out academic honesty violation paperwork! Citations: You will need to quote or paraphrase at least two sources, with the citation in-text and Works Cited or Bibliography at the end. I would recommend Chicago author-date style. What to include: –Include the birth and death years of the person if known –Include relevant biographical details such as where they lived, if they went to college, which social class they were a part of, etc. Consider how their intersections of identity and experience influenced them and/or their work. –Describe their contributions to suffrage. What did they do and how did they do it? Make a brief argument this could be a reason why we should study this person a statement about how the person is related to other important figures or history more broadly or a reflective statement about what studying this person was like for you are meant to you What will I be graded on: Does the essay engage with the minimum amount of research to be successful as defined on the assignment sheet? (minimum 2 properly cited, appropriate sources) Does the essay provide biographical information that situates this person within a certain place and time? Does the essay demonstrate how the person’s background and intersections influenced their activism and/or accomplishments? Does the essay show why this person is important to understanding a viewpoint or argument within women’s studies?


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