Cenacle culture


ARIAL SIZE 12 FONT 4-5 SCHOLARLY SOURCES REQUIRED BELOW ARE INSTRUCTIONS EXCLUSIVELY FROM PROFESSOR PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS PRECISELY (This is a 300 point assignment so it is very important you do, and i’m willing to pay extra if assignment is good enough) Your final paper should be a well-reasoned, well-supported, balanced argument that demonstrates a thorough investigation of both sides of your issue. You will need to move beyond the obvious to ask researching questions about your topic—a skill you honed while writing the investigative essay. You will also need to develop and support a well-reasoned argument that treats both sides of an issue with respect, which is something you practiced in the persuasive letter. Furthermore, you will need to use the critical reading and analysis skills you developed while writing other literary papers to read and evaluate scholarly research sources on your topic. As you can see, you have been preparing all semester to write this paper. Research: Remember that this is a research paper, so much of the information and facts in your paper will come from other sources. However, your thesis, the main argument you support, is your primary contribution and focus for the paper; this is the main idea which you will support with the information you find. Your words and thoughts will guide your paper, and the research material will support your topic and provide facts. You must reference at least 4-5 different scholarly sources. Use books and articles from appropriate scholarly journals and library databases. Audience: Your audience will be the members of the community whose issue you are addressing. Scope: Carefully limit your topic to an area you can thoroughly research and present within the parameters of this assignment. Choose a topic that will be both interesting and useful to you. Format: The final paper should be at least 8-12 pages long, double-spaced, not counting the bibliography page(s). Follow carefully the MLA guidelines, including page numbering and citation conventions. Reminder: Before you submit your paper, you will have the opportunity to hone your topic through an annotated bibliography assignment and an in-class presentation.


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