Bio Poem


Students typically write bio-poems about themselves, but the poems can also be written about historical or literary figures. You can choose who you want to write about. Select what you want included in the bio-poem. A poem typically includes the following information: Adjectives that you would use to describe yourself Relationships in your life (e.g., friend, brother, daughter) Things you love Important memories Fears Accomplishments Hopes or wishes Home (location) You can adapt this format to include other items, such as important moments, heroes, beliefs, and special sayings or words. DB #3 PART TWO: Objective and Subjective Poems After learning the difference between objective and subjective poetry, try writing an objective poem and a subjective poem using the examples provided as well as the lecture notes. For this assignment you should: 1. Post 2-4 pgs of your own, original, creative writing to be workshopped Feel free to make up something/anything you want to write about


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