Case Study #3 – Family Food Choices


Using the Case Study Reading attached, answer the following questions. These questions require you to complete an analysis of the condition described in the Case Study, and to use the information contained in the Reading along with what you learned from the textbook, and especially Chapter 16, as you prepare your responses. Analysis Questions: Evaluate the dinner that mother prepares for her three children.What are the positives and the negatives of the foods she provides for each of the three kids? (4 pts) Why is the eldest child, Dustin, always hungry? (2 pt) What important foods is Dustin lacking in his diet? (2 pt) Was the dinner provided to baby Lola an appropriate meal for her? Explain why or why not. (1 pt) What is the problem with giving Lola a bottle at bedtime? (2 pt) What food most likely gave Maggie her allergic reaction? (2 pt) Dad is becoming concerned about Maggie’s recent weight gain. He fears that she may be increasing her risk of obesity and heart disease when she gets older. Does dad have a valid concern about Maggie’s health risks? Explain why or why not? (4 pts) What would be better or more appropriate food choices for each of the three children? (4 pts) Bonus: +5 points no response needed


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