Research method


Nakata, Cheryl, and Yili Huang. “Progress and promise: the last decade of international marketing research.” Journal of Business Research 58.5 (2005): 611-618. Assignment Format Font: Times New Roman 12 size with 1,15, line spacing This assignment should be 2500 words (+/- 500), excluding references and cover page. You can use the following general criteria as a guidance on the structure of the literature review: • Introduction (600) o Problem formulation – what is the main objective of your literature review? Which topic or field is being examined? • Methods (300) o Literature search – finding materials relevant to the subject being explored, with clear procedure of searching. • Main Body (1000) o Analysis and interpretation – discussing the major debates, trends, theories and findings about a certain topic, maintaining the focus established in the introduction. Derive at least two themes out of the literature reviewed. • Conclusion (600) o Summary – review the main objectives and findings of the literature review, as well as provide the reader with at least one/two refined research question(s) in the light of your reading and outline areas for future research. Preparation to this assignment To complete this assignment, you can refer to: ▪ Textbook: Ch. 5 ▪ ▪ Reuber, A. R. 2010. Strengthening Your Literature Review. Family business review, 23(2): 105-108 Please note that literature reviews are NOT: 1) A shopping list of all that is published on a specific topic. 2) Short summaries of each individual journal articles, without (or very little) relationships to the purpose of the review. Short, J. (2009). The art of writing a review article. Journal of Management, 35(6), 1312-1317.


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