Case Study/Recommendation Report on Workplace Writing


Prepare a six-page report (including the works cited page, but not including the title page or contents page. Use APA citation methods. Follow the format on pages 395-408 of the textbook. Your report will not have all the sections in the example. Follow directions below regarding required sections/content. The report will focus on the purposes and types of workplace writing and the skills effective writers need: editing, word choice, and revision. Use at least two references besides the textbook. Use APA in-text citation methods, and include a bibliography/references page. Use subheads to help organize your ideas for readers. Your report should have these REQUIRED sections: Front Matter – Title page, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables Introduction – Discuss the purposes and types of workplace writing. See Unit 1, Chapter 1 of the textbook. Also consult sources on the Web. Transition into body of report. Body Text – Discuss and : elineate writing issues related to grammar, punctuation, word choice, editing and revision. Cite 20 common writing errors or points of confusion. The 20 points must include: its/it’s, to/too/two, your/you’re, there/their, that/who/whom, led/lead, run-on/fused sentences, numbers, comma usage, subject-verb agreement, irregular verbs, parallel structure and transitions. All are covered in Unit 4 of the textbook. Use subheads for organization. Do not just label sections body and conclusion. Conclusion and Recommendations – Summarize and stress the significance of the findings, and suggest ideas for further action. Parenthetical in-text citations in APA style (you may use MS Word “References” tool to create the citations. It will automatically create the bibliography/references page as you go along. See tutorials above. Back matter – Bibliography/ references in APA style


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