Argumentative reflection


Part II: Project Reflection & Analysis Write a 900-1200 word reflection/analysis of your Part I in which you: Discuss the process your project has gone through, from freewriting, to proposal, to draft, to revision, and to finished edited version Describe your thinking about and approach to this project in terms of the principles of argument, rhetoric, and other key concepts from the course Point out specific features of your argument that represent your attempt(s) to enact course concepts Explain the choices you made in writing your argument given what you have learned in this course. Consider organization, evidence, tone, style, visuals, etc. Chapters 7-12 in Everything’s An Argument, while not assigned, may help you analyze and reflect on your argument, particularly as you revise and really nail down your claim. Each of these chapters give advice for developing arguments based on specific argument types (fact, definition, evaluation, causal, proposals). Grading: As with other work in the course, I will “grade” and respond based on the Writing Project Rubric and your contract. You will have all semester to revise this project. Author’s Note: Include an author’s note with your draft. The note guides my (Travis) response to your draft as well as your peer group’s response. Make sure your author’s note does what is described in UNO Peer Response Essentials.pdfPreview the document .


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