I need a $2,000,000 SBA LOAN


I’m going for a $2,000,000 SBA LOAN and I need to turn my budget into a 2000 word essay and convince the investors that it is a good idea. My budget is segmented in the following way: 500k will go into first bulk order on Electric Motor vehicles 500k will go into Location and staffing 250k will go into a repairs center 500k will go into the production line 150k into the clothing sector 100k for other business responsibilities I will be developing bikes and a clothing line with the logo (100 Governers) I plan to sell the bikes for 1000 and finance for 1300 ——————————————— So basically, I need a 2 million dollar investment so that I can develop these bikes, the brand and the clothing line, in order to sell each bike at around $1000-$1300, depending on the desire of the customer. The first batch will be 500 units.


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