“Against the Grain” paragraph


1. Read through the source here on “close reading” or “against the grain” reading: against the grain (1).docx. Your goal is not to make an argument that is nonsensical or impossible, but to make an argument that is subtle and based on careful analysis. Study the image and the words, the context, the character and that character’s motivations. What’s immediately obvious? Then, think about what’s not immediately obvious. Remember, though, that an “against the grain” reading doesn’t have to be the exact opposite, like “Most people say Rufus is bad but I see him as good.” 2. Select a particular page, panel, or moment in Kindred and write an “against the grain” analysis. Try also using the Claim, Evidence, Analysis format. Make sure to cite page numbers for any quotations you use: “It’s 1819 everywhere!” cries Rufus (19).


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