The Role Miles Davis’ Electric Jazz Played n Creating the Genre of Jazz Fusion


Overview of the Assignment • Paper 2 is a Source-based Academic Argument and Analysis Essay (5-7 pages) focusing on music from one or more genres in jazz history. • Paper 2 represents 25% of your total course grade. Historical Background • As you are learning, Jazz begins its existence ca. 1900 as a marginalized genre (early New Orleans jazz); spreads north to Kansas City and Chicago, east to New York, and then all across the country; and by the 1930s becomes the most popular music in America (Swing). In the 1940s, jazz makes a radical shift toward a style called Bebop that is high art, but is difficult for both musicians and their audiences. Assignment • In Paper 2 you will develop your own academic argument to analyze (objectively) and interpret (subjectively) AT LEAST 3 EXHIBITS, with the help of AT LEAST 3 ARGUMENT SOURCES. EXHIBITS TO USE: 1. Filles De Kilimanjaro by Miles Davis 2. In A Silent Way by Miles Davis 3. Pangaea by Miles Davis • For this essay, the exhibit sources may be examples of music from any period or genre in Jazz 1900-1950. The arguments or positions should be from published sources, e.g. relevant passages from a book, scholarly articles, or journalists’ critiques. Recommended sources include Ken Burns Jazz, Szwed, and Gioia. • Assess each source to ensure that it is reputable, reliable, and authoritative. Give preference to recognized critics, historians, journalists, and musicians. Avoid anonymous, poorly written, and overly general sources. • To execute this assignment successfully, you must advance an argument or claim of your own (“I say”) in response to someone else’s argument or position (“they say”) and support your position or claim through analysis and interpretation of the particular exhibits.


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