Mining investment in Nigeria by a Newmont Corporation


This is the paper of Trade in the global market. The Newmont corporation wants to invest in Nigeria but in a joint venture with a Nigerian company Multiverse Mining & exploration PLC. The writer has to do the yellow highlighted part in the contents of the Newmont corporation attachment. It is a very well research-based work but very practical as most of the search you can find on govt sites as well as on google. The majority of the work you can find on the companies websites. Recently Newmont corporation had a joint venture with the American ming company, so its east to know about all the conditions on which the joint venture happened. The writer has to put that situation but by keeping in mind about Nigeria. The investment in mining in Nigeria is very restrict based. The whole work is to be real time-based search with a references, so not kind of assumption. It is around 3 to 4 pages with no word limit. Attachments: 1. Term project paper guidelines – you can find what the prof is looking as a format of the paper as well as other info about the paper 2.Contents of the Newmont Corporation – The writer only has to do the yellow highlighted portion which is mostly about the joint venture. 3. Final info – the info is just a heads up about the country Nigeria and Newmont but don’t use it as it is not the well documented info with less real source.


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