The Ecology of Ebolavirus


Instructions: – Please write the number of double-spaced pages that are equivalent to 2475 words on the topic of The Ecology of Ebolavirus, making sure to cover each of the three necessary components mentioned below. – Please make sure that you are typing in 12pt Times New Roman Font, with one-inch margins. – Please use PUBMED ( and Google Scholar ( as your two databases for scientific literature searches, in order to find the 15 required number of sources. – Please make sure to use Harvard style for your in-text citations (, and please be sure to leave a link behind an in-text citation or at the end of the pages that you write, so that I can create a Harvard style reference list and include the references that you sought out. More Details: Topic: Should include a parasite, pathogen, or disease, interaction(s) with its host(s), and environmental factor(s). Sections in the report can focus on other aspects (e.g., disease symptoms) but those 3 components must be included somewhere. – My topic is centered on The Ecology of Ebolavirus, with a focus on what we know about reservoir hosts- i.e., which wildlife species are known to host ebolaviruses, in which areas, etc. and how this relates to human disease risk. – I will attach a PDF of the broad outline that I sent to my professor as my “Introduction” to Ebolaviruses. This is a good start, but the focus needs to adjust more prominently on the reservoirs and human health risks. The report requirements PDF will say that the thesis is 15-double-spaced pages because it is, but I am just having you write the number of pages equivalent to 2475 words and I am going to write the rest after receiving the final version you submit and integrate them with one another. – Please make sure that it is double-spaced and that you are writing in 12pt Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. The report requirements PDF will also say that >20 references, including a maximum of 3 review articles and 2 websites are required for the thesis. I have already selected the three review articles and two websites references that I am going to include and therefore, I have indicated that the number of sources required for your pages is 15 sources. These sources need to be scientific literature references please (Google Scholar and Pub-Med are recommended by my professor) and please make sure that you DO use the Harvard style for your included in-text citations. You DO NOT, however, have to create a reference list for all 15 sources in Harvard style. Please just make sure to include links next to the in-text citations or links that are organized all together on the last page of the word doc, that way I can go back and create the Harvard style reference list after receiving your final version submitted to me! – I have included a couple of PDF and/or linked scientific literature sources on the Upload Files page that I found useful and heavily correlating with the theme of my thesis. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration! Thank you in advance.


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