Introduction to a section of a healthcare industry


This section gives you an opportunity to visit a section of the healthcare industry where you have never been. You must do a field trip and visit a public health clinic, EMS, wellness center, rehab center, etc.- somewhere you have never visited or had experience with before. It cannot be in the same organization as where you work.” paper. This assignment requires a short paper. This may be difficult with the COVID-10 crisis, but do your best. Connect with fellow students and share whee you work with them and visa versa. Use your imagination, networking skills, and ingenuity to get it done. That is what those on the front line are doing. Volunteer! The paper is to introduce you to the basic operations of one part of the HC system: hospital, clinic, EMS, surgical center, or physician practice. The paper will be 5-10 typewritten. Use APA style. Step one: Select a setting where you have never been. The smaller the better – not a system. Step two: Describe the setting (some of this can very likely be found on its Web site – but do not make it a large part of the paper). 1. Size, type, ownership, and control of the hospital. 2. Brief history. 3. Current level and scope of activity, e.g., census, LOS, current foci or initiatives. Step three: Describe the setting’s organization. 1. Provide an organization chart and a narrative explaining how the parts inter-relate if needed. 2. If part of a system, describe how the setting relates to corporate. 3. Describe, roles, payer mix, etc. Step four: Finalize the paper with a summary of the leadership and culture you found and give a brief synopsis of what you might change or do differently if you became manager and say why. Notes on process: 1. You must interview at least one person closely related to the organization that you are studying. Be specific on what you found out from this person or these people.


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