Secondary Methods (TEEL 674)


Please respond to the following questions/statements in one paper. Please be thorough in your discussion. Each part should contain an introduction, main body and a conclusion/summary. Be sure to include a title page, number pages and include course title. Writing tip: Be sure to use spell check and grammar check, and have someone proofread your paper before you submit it. (Your paper’s combined responses should be between a minimum of ten to twelve pages in length.) Many students find that they need to write more pages to thoroughly cover the content of the writing assignment. That is okay! Part 1. Discuss one of the following: (1-2 pages) a. Learning modalities b. Learning styles c. Theory of Multiple Intelligences d. Working with students with disabilities and/or special needs students e. Working with gifted students Part 2. Describe some content delivery structures. (chapter 3) (1-2 pages) Part 3. Discuss Gardner’s Eight Intelligences (p. 72, chapter 4) Give illustrations of ways you can use this knowledge in your classroom instruction. (2-3 pages) Part 4. Choose one of the following: (1-3 pages) a. Using information from the text write a lesson plan that you would use in the classroom b. Using information from the text write an instructional unit that you would use in the classroom. c. Describe the role of questioning as an instructional technique d. Discuss teacher talk as an instructional technique Part 5. Describe the assessment process you use in the classroom. Defend your rationale for using this process. (1-2 pages) Part 6. Research: Find two journal articles written by two different authors that are related to the topics in this course. Then: (a) compare and contrast the theories (positions) presented in the articles, or (b) interpret each article and discuss implications for your practice or Revised 7-17-2018 by rtg 6 (c) write a constructive critique of each author’s conclusion (2-4 pages)


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