US Immigration and the Impact on Children, Families, and Community


This is the requested assignment, I’ll upload the 2 chosen sources and the information and links I have. Written Paper (4-5 pages) that includes the following (30 & 10 Pts) • The introduction is a clear description of the topic/issue and impact on children, family, and community-5 points • Analysis-Accurate and relevant application, integration, and discussion of theory/theories with the articles and agencies (that were identified in Current Issue part 1 & 2)-20pts • Explain your findings and how your findings might bring change to the current issue and thus impact children, families, and their communities. (5 pts) Here is where you will make a logical connection between the findings, theorists, and the topic itself. (ISLO – critical thinking) • Reflection: 10 points a. identify what you learned (integration of knowledge) and relevant application (how will you apply, your next steps). Please demonstrate your logical analysis skills by providing connections with the topics, its impact on children, family/community, and the new knowledge gained from this research. b. Include a personal reflection on what you learned about yourself regarding the project (strengths and opportunities for growth. • Reference List (APA format)


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