A social issue in political sociology


Select a social issue that you are interested in exploring and examine it through an approach discussion in the course. • 10 scholarly references, with at least 5 from outside of the course materials • No more than 10 pages double-space, 12pt font, Times New Roman – APA format guidelines Must be in MS Word (.docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Extra instructions from the professor’s email: You need to choose a topic you can discuss in terms of its political implications. The point is to use the theories in the course as a lens to look at various aspects of the society/ In terms of topics, you may choose any topic that is related to the course materials. The idea is for you to engage with a social issue and apply a conceptual or theoretical framework discussed in the course (from the readings) to engage with the topic with more depth. Use at least 10 scholarly reference (2 from course sources that I provided to you, 8 external sources) Do cite. And the content of the essay is at least 8 page. Research paper rubric 1. Thesis statement and research question(s) – Clear overview and description of topic (15) 2. Content/Information – Topic is carefully addressed and includes well-referenced information. Coherent explanation of the social issue selected. (25) 3. Critical analysis – Clear analysis of topic based on research question and good use of social theory to explain social phenomena (30) 4. Preliminary findings & future research – Clear presentation of findings and consideration for future research in the field (15) 5. Grammar / formatting – Clear presentation and organization of text following APA formatting guidelines. At least 10 scholarly references cited (15) Total: /100


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