Cross-Cultural Meanings


Choose a theme or motif or symbol (for instance you can use hell, good and evil, women’s status, monotheism, death, female divinity, sexuality, tree of life, serpents or fire, ) and compare it across (at least) three culturally different religious traditions. What does your analysis tell you about the particular theme, motif, or symbol you have chosen to explore? Through substantive analysis, seek to come up with an original thesis that provides the reader with a compelling opinion about your chosen theme, motif, or symbol. Use universal and cultural methods in your analysis; this means you will compare themes, motifs, or symbols across three or more culturally different religious traditions looking for similarities and differences, seeking to understand what similarities and culturally specific differences have to tell us about our humanity, our diversity, and our ultimate concerns. Use religious myths and sacred scriptures as sources for your analysis. Use secondary sources in the form of scholars, anthropologists, artists, archaeologists, psychologists, theologians, mythologists, and so on to assist you in your own interpretations and to support your opinions. Essay should be three to five pages, double-spaced, 12-point font. Proofread your work so that its language and grammar are clear and polished. No plagiarism or COPY and PASTE.


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