Periodontal Disease, Inflammation and its Response to COVID-19


Instead of a final proposal you will do the following (Use the scripts that we have been using to practice writing these required components of your final paper. I will be very strict when it comes to you writing these out. So use the resources you have been provided): ■ You must create a research question or questions on a topic that you are passionate about. Remember to use the scripts to create a well written and explicit question or questions. Remember do not ask a research question or questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no.” ■ Purpose of the research (must follow the script). In this script you must be explicit about the research approach you will be using, i.e. qualitative case study, quantitative correlational study, etc. ■ Problem statement (must be at least 3 sentences and supported by the literature. What is the problem that exists that you believe this research will help resolve?). Also, use the scripts. ■ Significance of the research (so what?). This needs to be strong. Convince me that this is a worthy research project. Why should I care? Use startling statistics if needed or a startling quote, etc. ■ What theoretical framework you will use. This must be at least more than a 1/2 of a page long and why that framework? So if I am using a critical race theoretical framework? Why this one? How will it frame you study? ■ The participants (who and how many). Must be explicit to the age, demographics, where they are going to come from, etc. ■ Sampling strategy (must be specific, snowball, random, cluster, etc.) and why that sampling strategy ■ Conceptual Framework (diagram or graph) (This is still very difficult for most students, we will practice this next week. I am pushing the due date to July 24th as well. ■ Data collection plan. What methods do you plan on using and why are those the best methods? Interviews, focus groups, survey, open ended questionnaire, artifact collection. ■ Analysis plan (We haven’t really discussed this in class as you will learn this more in your advanced research classes). This will be optional, but you can give it a try and I will gladly provide feedback. ■ Dissemination of findings plan. Who will be your audience for the findings of this research? How do you plan to share your findings? Where do you plan to share your findings. ■ Why is the research approach you chose the best one to use. ■ Your epistemological and ontological viewpoints.


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