Just what is Human Geography Anyway? Evaluation Activity


Background Information A Wordle is a great way to communicate understanding in a creative, different way! A Wordle groups words that you write down and creates a Picture of Words on that topic. The size of each word in the Wordle depends on how many times the person writes the word into the textbox. So, if a word is really important, you would write it many times, compared to the other words. This assignment, that is evaluated based on the rubric found below it on the course site, will assess your ability to inquire about the significance of various things/people/concepts that make up Canada’s human geography. Have fun playing around with it! Please answer the following questions: 1.Brainstorm and write down 20-30 words that you think represent human geography in Canada, based on your learning thus far in module two. For example, I would include the words immigration and Aboriginal. 2.Rearrange your list in order of importance or significance. To help you decide, think about what words/things/people have the biggest impact on all of Canada. 3.Wordle Site – Create a Wordle that you believe represents Canada’s human geography. (Remember, the words that you listed as most important in Part 2, should be written in more often so they appear larger in your Wordle!) If you don’t know how to get a screen grab of your Wordle, here are some links to help you with that http://www.wordle.net/faq#large http://www.take-a-screenshot.org


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