Intercultural comunication_Translation Studies


Write a 3000 word essay on ONE of the following topics: 1. “From your understanding of Brown and Levinson’s politeness strategies, discuss potential issues arising from communication across cultures. Illustrate your discussion with examples from your own language”. (MY OWN LANGUAGE IS PORTUGUESE). 2. Considering findings in the literature on the teaching/learning of the L2 pragmatics of conventionalised expressions, discuss the pragmatic features of conventionalized expressions in your own language, highlighting where learning could be problematic for L2 learners. (MY OWN LANGUAGE IS PORTUGUESE). Note: The essay must be writen in English (UK) and for every finding/discussion of potential issues arising from communication across cultures, there must ilustrated with examples from Portuguese language system (A discussion and Comparison with the Portuguese Language system)

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I would like to know your choice topic. Which one you feel to do an excellent essay.


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