International development Studies(you can select a topic in description)


You can select any topic from any of the mentioned EA, DIA, or GDP podcasts. Then write your paper in a way that explains why this topic matters to international development more broadly. So for example: So, according to Laura Parisi or Gabrielle Bardall why does feminist foreign policy matter to development? According to Jessica Hirtle, why does disaster management and preparedness matter for international development? According to Tony Binns, why do conflicts and diamonds matter for development? According to George Lovell, why do legacies if colonialism matter for international development? According to Matt Schnurr, why do agriculture technologies matter for development? Structure your paper to respond to those questions, and that will make for a good structure and argument. Be sure to use articles, and online books as sources to back up your arguments, and also review the INTD2001 essay folder for tips on how to prepare a paper. The essay should be based on any Development In Action podcast, or any E.A. podcast, orany podcast from the Global Development Primer” podcast (excluding season introductions) which are available here: https:/ 1 robert-huish . Develop a clear thesis statement. . Explain how and why the issue is important for international development.. Present a clear argument supported by reliable evidence. . Critically analyze the development issue chosen. . Be 8 pages: double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, not including bibliography(roughly 2,000 words) . Include proper references and a bibliography of sources. . Essays will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: the development of a clearand convincing argument, use of reliable and relevant sources; logical organization of ideas;grammar and writing style; documentation and bibliography. I If you need any more information, please contact me.


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