Media Violence on Adolescents


This is a Rhetoric analysis paper. What is the thesis? That is, what is the overall argument the author presents? What is the writer’s purpose? To inform? To persuade? To criticize? Who is the author’s intended audience? How does the writer arrange his or her ideas? Chronologically? Historically? Ideologically? How does the writer use diction? (Word choice, arrangement, accuracy, is it formal, informal? Technical versus slang?) Does the writer use dialogue? Quotations? Stories? Why? Are important terms repeated? How does the author appeal to reason (logos)? What historical or philosophical figures does he reference? How does he present his argument? How does the author appeal to pathos (the emotions)? What is the overall pathos appeal? Finally, how does the author establish his credibility as a writer (ethos)? Does he make you sympathetic to his position?


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