Presenting Outdoor and Indoor Play


In this assignment, you will design outdoor and indoor play areas using photos you take yourself or from the Web. You will develop a slide presentation with audio showcasing your play areas and a rationale for each piece of equipment/other materials you select based on early childhood principles, guidelines, and standards related to the role of play. In preparation for the assignment, review these readings: Olsen, H. (2013). Creating and enriching quality and safe outdoor environments. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 41(3), 11-17. Spencer, K. H., & Wright, P. M. (2014). Quality outdoor play spaces for young children. YC: Young Children, 69(5), 28-34. Mullick, A. W. (2013). Inclusive indoor play: An approach to developing inclusive design guidelines. Work 2013 Supplement, 1(44), 5-17. Step 1. Develop a 10-slide PowerPoint of an outdoor play area and an indoor play area of your own design. Include a title slide and a references slide in APA format. Step 2. Use photos of equipment and other materials you take yourself and/or find on the Web. Step 3. In the slide text, provide a rationale for each selection based on guidelines and principles for outdoor and indoor play cited in the research literature. If state (NY) and national standards reference indoor and outdoor play requirements, use those as well.


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