I have attached a file for the topic info. choose one of the four topics


Requirements for this capstone research project: 1- APA7th edition format- this is VERY IMPORTANT that it’s done correctly. With the correct format of the APA 7th- “IN-TEXT CITATIONS”. 2- 3 pages of research 3- 1 page of Bibliographies with sources cited in APA7 format 4- I will do my own title page 5- Must have all paraphrased and direct quotes cited and/or inside quotation marks. When citing,( last name of author, year) at the end of each sentence that is not completely original 6- Has to be at least 3 sources cited, put the full apa7 formatted citations on a bibliography page of its one – I will do my Title page so it’s not counted in this paid 4 pg. , 3 pages of just research with intext cites and 1 page of just the bibliography please, the pages will also need a header and top right page numbers (1-4) 7- only US websites, (not CA, UK, or wiki.com, or ask.com, or bing.com) Thank You, This is due July 30th at 11:59 pm will obviously need it much early in the day than that to have time to make adjustments.


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