I Shouldn’t Be Forced to Give Birth to a Baby Who Won’t Live


My Pre-writing report will be uploaded together with the article For this report, you are going to examine another writer’s claim, evidence, counter-argument, and audience. 2. Choose one of the argument articles posted from the New York Times in the class discussion board. This should be the same article that you did your pre-writing exercise on. Take notes on this article. You could print it out and use four different colors of highlighter markers to identify parts of the article that present the claim; evidence that supports this claim, and an appeal or acknowledgment of the other side–the counter-argument. Or, you could write or type these notes. 3. Now you are ready to draft your report. Paragraph 1: Engage your reader’s attention, identify the article you are examining (include the author and source) and its argument claim, and present your thesis. For this report, your topic is the article’s claim, and your most important point is how well this claim is presented. Example theses: O’Brien’s article claims that online classes will benefit students, and she presents solid evidence in support of this argument. Wood believes everyone should become a vegetarian, but she does not accommodate her audience well. Rosenblum supports paying college athletes, but her evidence could be stronger. Paragraph 2: Create a topic sentence that states how effective the writer’s evidence is. Then describe how the writer presents evidence in support of his/her claim. Paragraph 3: Create a topic sentence that identifies a counter-argument. Remember, every argument has two sides. Does the writer acknowledge the other side? Does he/she present evidence for the other side, then break it down? Or, is there no attempt to address the other side? Paragraph 4: Conclude your report with a discussion of how successful or unsuccessful this article presents its argument to its audience. Who is the target audience? What do they already know about the topic? Do they already have an opinion on one side or another? Will the evidence presented in the article persuade them to do/think/act in the way the writer wants them to? Explain. Note: All four paragraphs should have between 4-8 sentences each. Paragraphs #2 and #3 each should have at least one direct quote from your sources. Note #2: Do not use “I”, “me”, or “you” anywhere in this report. This is to be written as a third person, formal essay.


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