A current even about American Individualism


Part 1: (330 words+) – Write 1 paragraph (330 words at least) about a current or modern event/issue/subject/idea that relates to American Individualism and find one or two reliable articles from the internet and use short quotes from them to support your essay. [use https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ to check Factual Reporting (should be High at least) and bias (shouldn’t lean a lot to left or right)]. – Also, in the same paragraph briefly relate the modern subject you chose to the essay “self-reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. (Example: this issue relates is directly related to Emerson’s essay in that it…) or any way you see fit Part 2: (3 x 160 words+) – Find 3 media (at least one video from youtube and at least one picture (3 total)) items related to the current event/issue/subject you chose and write captions for each one (160-200 words at least) and use a quote from a reliable article for EACH ONE to support your caption on the media [Note: you can use the original article you used for Part 1, but you have to use different quotes) Example for caption: This video shows XYZ which shows how American individualism does… Part 3: Bibliography – Make sure you cite everything in-text correctly in MLA 8th edition. – Have a bibliography section with all the articles you used (Make sure they’re reliable). Important Notes: – Don’t take very long quotes from the articles and place them in the media captions. – Make sure the youtube videos you pick are 3-5 minutes long or if you’re choosing longer videos, please direct the viewer to a certain portion of the video (Example: From 43:00-48:00, the video shows…)


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