Legacy of Colonialism- War, Conflict, neocolonialism, and developement


Introduce your topic. State your thesis. Your thesis should address the question(s) below. (2) How does Magstadt define “LDCs”, and “development”? What are the “myths and realities” associated with development? What are its characteristics? (3) What is Colonialism/Imperialism per the reading? What is neocolonialism?How does it influence development? (i.e., What legacy does colonialism leave behind in these countries?) Or to put it another way, what impact does this legacy (being a former colony) have on countries/former colonies that received their independence in the 19th and 20th centuries? What are the challenges that this legacy poses to political and economic development? (The answer to either question can be your thesis!). What are the obstacles faced by developing countries? (4) Discuss the impact of colonialism, imperialism and neocolonialism on former colonies per the films/stories. In what ways do the films/interviews/lectures demonstrate the legacy of colonialism? Is the impact political, cultural or socioeconomic (or is it all three)? Which countries per the films/stories appear to be in a state of neocolonialism? How does Revolution aid/hinder development? why? Make sure to cite specific examples in addressing these questions. In other words, are the countries discussed in the films really independent or are they in a state of dependency/neocolonialism? (i.e. are they still relying on more developed countries to survive?) Can they make political and economic decisions on their own? Are they really “sovereign states”?. How does Cuba stand out in this discussion? Why has it managed to develop? (Or has it?). (5) What can you conclude about the legacy of colonialism and the challenges of development in developing countries? What happens when development fails?Why are many LDCs facing internal conflict/civil war? Do we see failed states? What should be done to help countries develop? (This should be your conclusion where you restate your thesis). What have you learned about development/colonialism/neocolonialism after reading the chapters and watching the films? WHY SHOULD WE CARE? What do you think are the prospects for Cuba or the Congo in reaching its development goals? Why? CITE A CURRENT EVENT TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM. MAKE SURE TO CITE IT IN THE WORKS CITED PAGE.


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