You will need to select a topic that falls within the confines of A&P I. At the date specified you will submit a paper to the D2L Dropbox that meets the following conditions: 1. Type written or word processed, double-spaced, font 10-12, 1 inch page margins. 2. Written in MLA format. 3. No less than 5 references, to be cited on the Literature Cited page, one of which can be the textbook. All of the required references must be current (within the last 5 years). Additional references can be from any timeframe. 4. To include the following sections: Introduction, Discussion, Conclusions, Literature Cited. 5. Minimum of 3 pages of text in the body of the paper. Each student is expected to complete their own work. There should be no copying or paraphrasing of referenced works without proper citation. If a direct quote is used, it should either be placed in quotes or indented. Either method is acceptable but both need to be followed immediately by the citation. This paper should be written in your own words, based on your research of the topic. Improper citation or plagiarism of other’s work will result in a deduction of points or a grade of 0 (see Syllabus under “Academic Integrity”). INTRODUCTION • Include a discussion of the topic selected and a description of the characteristics of the topic. • Include information regarding the history, current status and future standing of your topic TABLES AND FIGURES • Include as many tables, figures, photographs or other visual aids as are necessary to discuss your topic. Label the tables and figures in order to reference them in the text of the paper. DISCUSSION. • Include a discussion of the metabolic and physiological effects, metabolic pathways and treatment options starting at the cellular level and ending with the organism level. • Evaluate the physiological effect(s) of the stressor on each level of organization. • If treatments are available, discuss the point of action and the level of organization targeted by the treatment. • Discuss the physiological ramifications (side-effects) of the treatment at the point of action. LITERATURE CITED • Include all references cited in the text of the paper, tables and figures. • List all citations in alphabetical order by author’s last name, followed by the date, name of the article, book, etc., and the publishers information. •


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