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The service required is simply editing. The essay should have all of the following listed below. Please feel free to edit if the essay is missing any aspect of the directions. Write a 8 page, thesis-driven essay grounded in academic research addressing one of the following prompts. A counterargument paragraph is required. Your essay must integrate evidence from Born a Crime and at least 6 credible academic sources. Prompt: How has South Africa’s history of apartheid affected South Africa and its’ citizens’ identity? What have been the long-term effects of segregation, marginalization, and prejudice, both as revealed in Born a Crime and in South African society today? Do you think that Noah’s identity was influenced mainly by the effects of Apartheid or other factors? – One source out of the 6 sources needs to be Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime – NEEDS TO INCLUDE A COUNTERARGUMENT AGAINST MY CLAIM AND DIRECT QUOTATIONS FROM THE SOURCES USED. – NEEDS TO HAVE A ARGUABLE THESIS AT THE END OF THE INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH – State an argument along these lines = South Africa is nation that has been divided by racial/ethnic lines and how racial disparities helped develop the experiences that Noah encountered but ultimately there was a multitude of factors also included that served as foundation for Noah’s identity development. Body Paragraphs should include the following: Topic Sentence = Your topic sentence should introduce the point that you’ll be proving in the body paragraph. Like a thesis statement, your topic sentence needs to be arguable and represent a claim. In this sentence, be specific and explicit. Tell the reader exactly what you’ll be proving in this body paragraph. Evidence and/or Quote = This evidence might come in the form of paraphrase or a quote from an article, Vague claims and vague evidence is not convincing and does not adequately communicate your point to the reader. Analysis = Analysis is your explanation of your evidence. Here, you’re explaining how/why your evidence proves your thesis statement. Don’t assume that your reader understands how your evidence proves your thesis. Explain it to them in thorough detail. Summary Sentence = The summary sentence, or the concluding sentence, is the last sentence of your body paragraph. In this sentence, remind the reader of your point. Don’t simply repeat your topic sentence, but wrap up your paragraph in a way that the reader understands how all of the ideas discussed in the paragraph come together to prove your thesis. You can also use this sentence to transition into the next paragraph of the essay. AND When providing quotes use the following structure: Introduce = Introducing the quote involves providing context for the quote and smoothly transitioning into the quote. Briefly put the evidence (quote) into context by introducing source/author (if relevant). Cite = Citing the quote just means that the quote is formatted and cited appropriately, using MLA guidelines. Explain = Explaining the quote means that you’re interpreting the evidence and explaining how the evidence proves your specific thesis (your argument). When necessary. it’s important to interpret the quote (briefly) so that your reader understands the evidence the same way that you do. It’s critical to explain how the quote proves your thesis to develop your analysis. The reader needs to understand how you got from one point to another (how your evidence proves your point). Explaining the quote has two steps: telling the reader what the quote means (interpretation) and explaining how it proves your argument (analysis). Counterargument Paragraph should include the following 1. Acknowledge the counterclaim, which is an argument that opposes your thesis. Offer a reason of support for the counterclaim. This step should be 1-2 sentences. Since your goal is to disprove the counterclaim, focusing too much on reasons of support for the counterclaim isn’t productive. 2. Disprove the counterclaim with a rebuttal. Your rebuttal will make up the bulk of the counterargument paragraph and this is where most of the “work” happens. Your goal in this step is to disprove the counterclaim. Whatever counterclaim you acknowledge in step 1, disprove it here. You must thoroughly disprove the counterclaim and integrate evidence. 3. In one sentence, bring the reader’s focus back to your thesis. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in your rebuttal (what you’re disproving) and lose sight of your thesis idea. Briefly remind the reader of your thesis before moving on to the conclusion paragraph. HERE IS THE ESSAY :

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