Resistance training discussion


Each discussion board question is graded on the basis of # of points for completeness of the answer that is referenced from the literature and responses to two of the postings from your colleagues. Please use the reply button rather than starting a new topic/thread when replying to others. Please start each discussion board posting with your name (Jane Doe). Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words (grad) (or 150 words for undergrad) and submitted by time and day of the week. Your responses must be a minimum of 150 words (grad) (or 50-75 for undergrad) each and be submitted by time and day of the week. Student responses to discussion questions must be substantive, thoughtful and insightful. Be sure to organize your thoughts and ideas effectively. Incorporate connections to the assigned readings or topics. Stay on topic. Avoid summarizing. Contribute to the learning environment with depth and with the goal of motivating discussion. Scientific discourse is based on evidence. Opinions are just that, but if used in a discussion, they must be informed opinions. Additionally, do not make insulting or inflammatory statements in the discussion board. Be respectful of others’ ideas. Philosophical differences exist and we can all agree to disagree in a professional manner. Be patient and read the postings of others thoroughly before posting your responses. Since learning takes place over time, the responses should not be made all at once, but spread out, in order to allow dialogue to develop. The aim is to encourage interaction among students and faculty, not simply to present information. Initial discussion posts are always due on day by time and peer responses on day by time to promote learning and engagement. Erica is really falling in love with being more active, thanks to you! She is feeling empowered and now wants to start lifting weights for improving her strength–she ain’t scared! Erica has some resistance training experience from working out at FSU’s rec center back in the day. Her apartment complex has some free weights, medicine balls, and resistance training and cardio machines. Erica is healthy and doesn’t have any muscle imbalances. Her fitness tests indicate she has average flexibility and average strength in her upper and lower body. Provide Erica with a basic whole-body resistance training program that she can use twice a week to start. Her program should utilize training techniques consistent with the Strength Endurance phase of the OPT model. Make sure that Erica’s workout targets all the major muscle groups, includes core exercises, and exercises for improving chronic flexibility. Details of FITT-VP must be included. All elements of an exercise session should be addressed. Post Erica’s workout as your original thread and then provide two critiques to your peers’ programs to receive full credit. Help Erica get STRONG!


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