Community Policing Research Paper Discussion


Part 1. Research Develop a list of your top 5 most effective strategies to develop successful partnerships within a community. Find 3 articles that support your strategies. These articles should be different than the ones that you found for your discussion activity. The reason is we are building a series of articles for your reference. Use the NLU library or Google Scholar to search for your scholarly articles. After reviewing the articles, present your top 5 strategies to develop suucessful partnerships within a community and explain in 2 paragraphs explain why your strategies are effective. You can even include comparisons as to why they are more effective than other strategies. Be sure to thoroughly explain why and how they are effective and the impact of them on society. Cite your sources in APA format. You do not need to include a summary of the articles for this assignment. After your peers post their paragraphs, go back in and provide at least 1 counter example of a challenge that a peer’s strategy may present. Be sure to back up your reason with support from your research. Part 2. Interview Compose a 1 page reflection on your interview experience. Give us an overview of the items you found most surprising about the interview—For example, did you learn anything new or did your interview confirm what you knew (please explain). How can you connect the interview to the community policing topics we are learning in class? Be specific.


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