Psychology culture & society


1.Your answer has to be based on at least​ four​ academic sources. 2.At least ​two ​of them have to be taken from the readings for the course. Additionally, use any primary source (media, news items, youtube clips, etc.) that help you in proving your theses. 4. Only ​APA ​citation will be accepted 5. Write clearly and stay organized 6. The grading of the assignment will take into consideration your ability to integrate the course’s materials, to make the connection between theory and a case study, and to write a coherent essay. Make sure you write in an appropriate academic style and have a clear and well structured theses. Psychology, Society, and Culture – In the end of May this year feelings of discrimination in the African-American community in the United States re-erupted following the death of George Floyd who choked to death as a White Policeman knelt on his neck. Thinking about this event and what followed in the context of a conflict between the “Black-African Americans” and the ” Establishment”, answer the following questions: 1. Explain how each side (“The African Americans”, “The establishment”) sees the conflict based on the Ethos of Conflict theory. Base your answer on at least four elements of the theory, at least two for each side ​(25%, 500 words). 2. Discuss how each side in this conflict characterizes the other side using at least one of the following concepts: hegemony, defining “the other”, collective memory or orientalism. ​(25%, 500 words). 3. Mention at least three biases which influence the way each side understands the conflict (6 all together). Provide evidence from the media which prove that this is how each side perceives the conflict ​(25%, 500 words). 4. Suggest at least two intervention models to restore relations between the sides and create a process of reconciliation, from those discussed in class: apology, TRC, compensations, affirmative action, group meetings, etc. ​(25%, 500 words). *I have added notes and reading material to base off* please use the notes and the readings


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