Individual report


Individual Report: A report to be written providing more detail than the group project presentation. This is an individual assignment, not to be worked with other members of the group. Points will be deducted if write-ups extremely similar to other group members. Report will go into more detail regarding presentation concepts regarding convincing your partner to come on board with you to make the business profitable. Diagrams/Figures are encouraged. Be sure to include details regarding the Porter’s model and Database Design regarding your new business. Report to be six pages max, APA style. Mandatory content (in addition to detailing the group project relevant findings) to include following concepts as covered in class: 1) Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model relating to your business 2) Database Design of pertinent company website data to be maintained (be very detailed here, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, linking between tables). You will need minimum of 5 tables linking together with Primary and Foreign Keys. 3) Source of ensuring web traffic to site 4) Projected financials to be gained by MIS system (be very detailed here for the partner to be able to make their decision accurately. This is crucial information.)


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