Argumentative research paper revision


I wrote an argumentative essay on why the minimum raise shouldn’t be raised, and I need some help with revisions! below is feedback from my professor 🙂 I struggled with my citations and it needs to be in third person! Feedback: Compelling and thoughtful arguments! Be sure that you have a clear thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph stating what you will be arguing. Interesting supporting ideas with well-written supporting information. Going forward consider using more supporting facts and evidence to strengthen your argument. Additional explanatory sentences would help connect the evidence back to the thesis statement. Nice transitions between paragraphs and development of ideas. Creating an outline prior to writing will help you stay organized in your writing. Review MLA overall formatting (looks like your paper is “centered”?) as well as proper in-text citations and Works Cited page for formatting (see link below or “MLA Help” module in Canvas). All information that is quoted or paraphrased needs an in-text citation and supporting evidence (or it is just your opinion). First correction to make is to be sure you’ve removed all first person (me, my, I, we, us, our) and second person (you, your, yourself). Next, be sure to remove contractions, crutch words, rhetorical questions, and casual language to achieve the proper academic tone. I look forward to reading your revision in your Final Project! All in all, well written and a pleasure to read.


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