Gaming Essay Explanation


Gaming Essay Explanation: When people hear gaming, they often thing of just video games. However, the study of games encompasses multiple realms: board games, role-playing games, video games, puzzles, applications, social games, team building games, etc. When we play games and study them, we learn about the cultural circumstances surrounding the games (how do they function within society OR how do their methods impact/educate society). As such, they’re subject to many sociological and psychological studies. This assignment means to develop your understanding of gaming, it’s mechanics and framework, and it’s usefulness in society. Part 1: Preparation You’re going to be writing an argument. First, choose a topic for your paper. You can choose and then customize any topic from the list below. The paper itself must include a title page, an abstract, 5-7 body pages, and a reference list. Essay topic options: Choose a video game and research it’s impact on a real world economy. (Ex. Did Rock Band lead to more purchases of musical instruments? Interest in the field?) Write an argument explaining, illustrating, and proving how your game of choice impacted a real world economy. Can table top role playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons) help adolescents/teens/adults develop literacy skills or reading abilities? How? Write and argument proving the connection between table top role playing games and literacy skills or reading abilities. Do video games (or board games — choose one) impact the self-concept or personality development? Use research to illustrate and prove that video games affect the developing personalities of children/adolescents/teens? You do not need to cover all three groups. If you find enough information, you can choose a single group. Can virtual realities influence real world behaviors? For example, would playing a survival video game enable and influence a person to be able to survive? If a video game forces you to conserve resources (water/food/etc) will it make you more apt, to do those things in real life? Prove, using research, your viewpoint on the topic. Video games are blamed for many negative behaviors, like violence. Though, it has been disproved many times. Instead of focusing on the negatives, write an argument proving something positive that occurs with video game play. Brain development? Social skills? Coordination? Critical thinking? The realm of e-sports has become quite popular in recent years. Should video games be considered a sport? Identify the characteristics/qualities of traditional sports and athletes and show, using research, how video games fulfill these qualities. Can a game be a work of art? What makes a game worthy of this title? Define art. What is it? What makes it? What are it’s criteria? Then, show, using research, whether not not games can be art. Can board games teach us important life skills? Choose a board game and explain it’s effects on children/teens/adults? Is it educational? Positive? Or, is it negative? Prove the games worth or it’s dangers through research. Once you’ve chosen a topic, use this tool to help with initial organization/preparation of ideas. Assignment Requirements: Document Must Be APA Formatted Essay Must Be 5-7 Pages Long (Plus title page, abstract, and reference page) Essay Must include AT LEAST five references (ALL from library databases; additional research may come from the web as long as it meets our quality requirements–see lecture notes) Essay Must Not Use Outlawed Words (Great, Very, Nice, Good, Bad, Really, Amazing, Awesome, Feel, Think, A Lot, Kind Of, Sort Of, Like, Just) Essay Should Avoid “To Be” Verbs and Overuse of Personal Pronouns Essay Should Use Academic Voice Any time an article is summarized, paraphrased or quoted you must cite using an APA formatted in-text citation and you must include an accompanying reference list page.


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