Housing Policy


Watch the PBS Frontline documentary, “Politics, Poverty, and Profit” (see link below) and write a brief report that contains three separate sections that address the following questions. Please notice the expected word count for each section. 1. Briefly describe the goal and purpose of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Indicate how the program is supposed to work. (approximately 150-200 words) 2. List and discuss some of the problems with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program that are highlighted in the PBS documentary. (approximately 150-200 words) 3. What type of changes could be made to improve the program’s ability to achieve its goal? Given what you know about the U.S. political system and how policies are made and implemented, what improvements do you believe would be feasible? (approximately 150-200 words) https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/poverty-politics-and-profit/


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