Project Management Techniques


Reading: Wysocki, R. K., 2014, Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, 7th ed., Indianapolis: Wiley (PDF BOOK ATTACHED) 1) Chapter 5 (How to plan a TPM Project) 2) Chapter 10 and 11 (Agile and Extreme Projects – planning aspects)  Additional Reading: (Chapters 5 – 8) Brief: Consider the case studies from APM  Heathrow Baggage Handling Project (ATTACHED PDF) and the International Relief and Development Project of the Year 2011 from the APM – World Wide Fund for Nature  RUMAKI Seascape Project (ATTACHED PDF). Considering the principles and objectives of these projects along with their likely context, compare and contrast the planning methods and approaches which you would recommend for both.  Within this you could consider the project lifecycles, goal and solution visibility and the likely subsequent planning processes to be used along with who should be involved, how, when and why and ensuring that you provide justification with respect to the literature.  IMPORTANT: Your response should include consideration of project lifecycle, who needs to be involved, planning tools and techniques and use of computer software.


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