This lab is about Ultrasounds. Describe the physics as to how this device operates!


Write a two page paper double space that answers the following questions. Any graphs or data that is included does not count towards the required two pages. 12pt font should be used with a one inch maximum margins. This lab is about Ultrasounds. Describe the physics as to how this device operates!  How must one prepare for a scan? Why is gel often used during the procedure? What do the scans detect? What are they not used for? What else are ultrasounds used for? What  parts of the body can be scan? Any that cannot? Is the image 2D or 3D? Color or black and white? What is the typical cost for each scan? You can use the web for reference. All sources used must be included.  The attach rubric will be used to grade this assignment. ALL WORK MUST BE UPLOADED TO MY BLACKBOARD BEFORE THE DEADLINE! DO NOT COPY FROM ANY SOURCE OR A GRADE OF ZERO WILL BE GIVEN!!!


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