~Respond to the introduction. – evaluate the effectiveness of the one the author has chosen. ~Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. Are the paragraphs connected and do they evolve the author’s argument? ~Evaluate the integration of textual evidence. Is each source fully introduced and analyzed? Are the sources cited correctly in the text? ~Respond to the organization of the essay (either in the text or at the end, depending on which will be most helpful to the writer). ~Does the author have a clearly stated position in relation to the social issue being conveyed? (ie. Does the essay do more than provide an overview of the situation?) ~Locate and respond to the alternative perspective included. Is it fully explained and evaluated in relation to the primary perspective and position being conveyed? ~Respond to the conclusion. Does the essay end in a way that is satisfying? For example, does it respond to the content in the essay or offer a plan for action? ~Check the works cited page for correctness. ~Comment on the clarity of the sentences. Locate two sentences that could be made more clear and give specific suggestions. ~Respond to the concern the writer expressed; “Taking time out to research was key and I want to write so much more, but I also want to stay within the limitations. My biggest struggle so far has been procrastination. I took time off from work and sent my kids out of town so that I can perfect this essay.”


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