Coles and Woolworth implement shopping hour for seniors and people with disabilities


Introduction and Overview of the event (150 words): • Clearly state the purpose of the essay. • Provide a description of the event • Key points in relation to marketing environment analysis and segmentation are highlighted • You must include in-text citations to support your descriptions. Identification and discussion of marketing environmental forces (300 words): • Marketing Environmental forces/factors are clearly identified. • Impact of the marketing environmental forces to the relevant event is clearly discussed and justified • Relevant theories are appropriately discussed. • You must include in-text citations to support your descriptions. Company/Government institution/Non-Profit organisation’s response. (250 words): • The relevant organisation’s response to the event is discussed clearly. • Justifications to support the argument is clearly presented. • Relevant theories/scenarios are appropriately included to support discussion. • You must include in-text citations to support your descriptions.    Target Market (Audience) Discussion (300 words): You can use a table to present your target market. (Table is not included in the word count) However, a detailed discussion of the target market/audience presented in the table must be included. Segmentation Variables Demographics Psychographics Look at factors such as age, income levels, family sizes, relationship status Look at factors such as personality, values or lifestyle (can refer to the VALS framework if applicable) Segment Profile One- Retired Golfers Behavioural (Usage rate) Look at factors such as moderate users, purchase occasions, benefits sought or any of the factors applicable. Geographic Look at the location of the relevant target audience. • Target market/audience clearly identified for the relevant event • Use the segmentation variables to describe the target market/audience i.e. are there any geographic characteristics related to the market/audience, what are the demographic characteristics applicable to the market/audience, what are the psychographic characteristics related to the market/audience and what are the behavioural characteristics related to the market/audience • Justify the target market/audience using marketing theory and evidence from your research. • You must include in-text citations to support your argouments. Reference List (Not Included in the Word Count) • Use the Q Manual to ensure you correctly implement the APA style. Edited: 05.03.2020 SJA


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