A quiet rage


Writing assignment 6 (based on “A Quiet Rage”) Watch the video about the Stanford Prison study and answer the following questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUZpB57PfHs (1) Who were the participants in the Stanford Prison study? How were the participants chosen and screened, how were they compensated, and how were the “prisoners” transported to the simulated prison? (2) In what ways did the prisoners rebel after their first day of incarceration? What happened to the leaders of the rebellion and how did the guards decide to control the prisoners after this? (3) What deal was struck with prisoner ‘8612’? How did he respond when he found out that he couldn’t leave the prison? How much time had elapsed since the start of the experiment when prisoner ‘8612’ was finally allowed to leave? (4) How did the guards and prison “administrators” decide to prepare for visitation day? Did their preparation pay off? What “hitch” occurred after the visitation? How did the guards respond to this “hitch”? (5) How had things changed in the prison by the time of prisoner ‘819’s breakdown? How did the other prisoners respond to this? What effect did adding a new prisoner to the equation effect the overall situation? What were the three types of prisoners and the three types of guards? (6) How did the prison guard nicknamed “John Wayne” treat the prisoners (what types of prisoner abuse did he engage in?) Was prisoner ‘416’ eventually broken? What event led to the end of the experiment and how long had it lasted? (7) Besides the guards and prisoners, who else had come to accept the simulated prison and its rules? Why do you think that this occurred? (8) How did some of the prisoners and guards perceive the situation 2 months after the conclusion of the experiment? Why was the experiment not terminated earlier? What was the “profound point” of the study? How were the results of the study eventually related to shyness?


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